Two Things On My Mind: March 16th


Will there ever be a time comics won’t be on my mind?


Comics. All day, erry day.

From the Sketch Zone


Doodling all morning. Designing a new character. She’s finally shaping up into something usable. Only have to draw her 500 more times to really nail it down.

Twenty-Two Things On My Mind: February 6th



1.Basil-Mammoth Sweet   2. Basil-Siam Queen   3. Chiang Pac Choi   4. Coriander

5. Cube of Butter Squash   6. Diamant Cucumbers   7. Dill-Dukat

8. Eiffel Tower Lettuce   9. Flashy Trout’s Lettuce   10. Igor Brussels Sprouts

11. Little Gem Lettuce   12. Mcpick Cucumbers   13. Nasturtium-Tip Top Alaska

14. Nasturtium-Night And Day   15. Nero Di Toscana Kale   16. Speedy Salad Arugula

17. Sunflower-American Giant   18. Sunflower-Snack Mix   19. Wautoma Cucumbers

20. Zinnia-Cupcakes Mix   21. Zinnia-Giant Cactus   22. Zinnia-Whirligig

My seed order came in and I can’t wait for it to stop raining. The garden is shaping up to be a real winner this year.

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