One Epic Thing On My Mind


So…I have some news. News of the big variety.

Big news, huge.

In 2013 I started writing a novel. A YA novel with pictures about an angry girl, street art, sign language, and making your first BFF.

Today I get to tell you that in spring 2017….@randomhousekids will publish it. YOU’RE WELCOME, UNIVERSE will be a real book that you can hold & read & love.

Pictured above is The Yonce himself, my agent, Brent Taylor and my super sharp editor Stephen Brown. The dream team, people. The dream team.

You should know Brent Taylor was so confident we would sell the book he had me wait to announce our partnership until we did. An agent and a book deal all at once.‪#‎blessed‬

I tagged a lot of my CP’s and people I’m thankful for on the wall in this image. Vew it in all its glory here:

There’s Roger Braunstein my super duper husband/Neen/couldn’t-do-it-without-him-person. ‪#‎iloveyou‬ ‪#‎sap‬ ‪#‎lovefest‬

Also Taryn Albright who is profesh to death and strong as hell, and Kiersi Burkhart writer of worlds and ponies and cute boys.

Cara Hallowell who loves Julia (my main character) fiercely. Elder Price is reppin’ Brie Spangler & her unwavering belief in me. And of course, Fredrick Arnold III for the pep-talks.

Never give up the ship, guys. I can’t wait for you to read it.

10,000 things on my mind: May 4th


This spring is flying by. I’ve been hard at work on writing, but I’ve also gained a new hobby. A new somewhat scary hobby. I’ve never felt so brave, pouring 10,000 bees into a hive is a singular experience. I’m pleased to report that neither of us got stung at all during the process, and the girls are already hard at work making their hive a home.

Two Things On My Mind: March 16th


Will there ever be a time comics won’t be on my mind?


Comics. All day, erry day.

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