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Three Things On My Mind: January 25th


Getting to see Gouda after a vacation makes up for the bummer of having to come home. He was happy to be back in our house with all of his blankies, though our dog sitter doesn’t really let him miss us. We found out that she lets him sleep in her bed with her and her own two pugs. What a cuddle pile.


As soon as we got home I had an appointment to get two crowns put in. I hate the dentist. He’s a nice guy, but I’d rather never ever see him or any of his kind. To say I was nervous to have the temporary crowns pulled off would be a major understatement. I always psych myself out when it comes to dental work and in the end it wasn’t that bad. Unfortunately, one of the crowns didn’t fit so I have to go back again. I’ll try to be a bit more level headed this time.


We had a really fun meal at Kachka on Saturday with our friends Moses and Georgia. Kachka specializes in authentic Russian dishes, and each one was tastier than the last. My favorite was the sour cherry vareniki. Little dumplings that were stuffed with sour cherries and lightly covered in sour cream.

Five Things On My Mind: January 18th


Honeymoon edition.

  • Drinks taste just a little better when you drink them out of a fruit.
  • I bought a glorious new sunhat. Sadly, it’s going to be a long time before I get to use it at home.
  • I wish that I was more courageous when we went snorkeling. I saw a lot of fish but stayed in the shallow waters. My brain had a hard time believing that I was safe and breathing just fine. I want to go again. We saw more rainbows than I could count that day.
  • I read Robin Talley’s Lies We Tell Ourselves in one sitting. It was captivating and really special.  It felt so important in light of recent events in the news, it’s hard to believe segregation in schools ended only fifty years ago.
  • We ate some really delicious sushi and poke. I’m still thinking about the salmon nigiri.