0Whitney Gardner is an author, illustrator, and coffee addict. Originally from New York, she studied design and worked as an art teacher and school librarian before moving to Portland, Oregon, where she lives by a bridge with her husband and two pugs. In the rare moment Whitney isn’t writing or drawing, she’s likely to be reading comics, knitting, and tending her garden or apiary. You’re Welcome, Universe is her debut novel.

Some things you might not know about me:

  • Not only do I live in Portland, but I played my ukulele in an episode of Portlandia.
  • I once danced (the rumba) with Bill Nye in a swing dance club in New York.
  • I am the keeper of my grandma’s secret pancake recipe. Crispy edges.
  • I played a lot of D&D as a teen. Yes, I experimented with LARPing in college.
  • My garden is an Audubon certified backyard habitat for birds and wildlife.
  • My husband Roger and I got married under a bridge like trolls.
  • I have the coolest pugs in the world. They are named Gouda and Fig. I’m working my way towards a full cheese plate of pugs.
  • I love cheese.
  • I love drawing and telling stories.
  • I love you.