I would love to come and do a presentation for your students! I have prepared various presentations below, or I can customize one to suit your needs. My home region is the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada but travel further is possible and I provide a videoconference option.

Bringing a Graphic Novel to Life with Whitney Gardner

Option A: Process.  I explain my creative process from idea to page. I give a short talk that answers my most commonly asked questions such as “How do you come up with your ideas?” and “How long does it take to write a graphic novel?” We discuss what makes a compelling story that will grab readers. The highlight of this presentation is an engaging live drawing demonstration.

Option B: Career. I introduce myself and dive into my personal journey to becoming the author I am today. I explain the general steps it takes to become a traditionally-published author, such as getting an agent and going on submission to publishers. In my talk I answer my most commonly asked questions such as “How long did it take to get published?” and “What classes can I take if I want to be an author?” If desired, I can focus on the world of comics or young adult / middle grade novels, both of which have very distinct challenges.

Option C: Workshop. An interactive session that gives students an opportunity to participate and take home their own work. I give a live demonstration, drawing a character from one of my graphic novels and explaining every step along the way. I give students an opportunity to draw my character or a character from their life or imagination and offer individual affirmation and guidance during 15-20 minutes of drawing time. If desired the students can share their work.

All options include: A Q&A session and a meet-and-greet session where I can sign and sketch in copies of my books, as time allots. I recommend students prepare questions ahead of time if possible.

Each option typically runs 60 minutes. The presentations are appropriate for any elementary / middle / primary school age group and can be tweaked for a particular grade if desired.

A Virtual Visit with Whitney Gardner

If conditions do not permit an in-person appearance, I provide the option to present via video conference, adapting any of the topics above, including live drawing and Q&A if desired.

Technical requirements: For live drawing sessions, I draw on a tablet that I provide, cloning or projecting the display with AV equipment that your school provides. I work with you briefly before the visit to ensure a smooth presentation with no technical difficulties.

I look forward to visiting your school and meeting your students! Please contact for more details and to book your visit!